(All of these testimonials were unsolicited. They were just emails sent to Dean or his secretary.)


“Dean is the best voice teacher in the world, and I really honestly believe that.” -Benji – Chinese TV star and Chinese Idol finalist


“I hope to work with Dean again soon, because I think he is the best. The personal lesson I had with him in Los Angeles changed my life and I have really grown from our Skype lessons since then. – Soren – Voice Teacher – Denmark


Dean is the quintessential vocal coach. He has all the necessary attributes and more to help anyone sing to their highest level and enjoy the gift of music. I have spent MANY hours with him, have many recordings of my vocal coaching sessions that I go through and I am always amazed at his skills, and it is clear that he is extremely patient, motivating, strives to know all the latest techniques and apply the right techniques for the particular person, and I could go on. You are lucky if you end up at the Dean Kaelin Vocal Studio. (The others there are awesome too!)” Alan – Musician, songwriter, attorney


PEV: Was there a certain point in your life when you knew that music was going to be a career for you?Sissy – Definitely! It was in a lesson with Dean Kaelin, my favorite vocal coach and teacher from the U.S.! It was my first single lesson with him and after this lesson I felt like flying. It really was one of the happiest hours in my life. I knew that the road was still long, but I knew as well that I could make it if I was willing to work hard and take a risk. An interview with Sissy – a grammy nominated artist from Vienna, Austria


Thanks so much! I can’t believe the difference in my relaxation and even control in just 30 min with you! I look forward to continued work with you as well. I’ll set up another lesson very soon. – Courtney, Musical Theater singer


Dean,Your classes at Teachers’ Conference were outstanding as is your one to one instruction. After my son John finished his lesson with you this fall he told me that his lesson with you was by far the best lesson he ever had and that he more deeply understood what you were trying to get his voice to do than any other lesson he has had. And your and my testing experience this fall in Atlanta still brings tears of joy to my eyes–teaching Michael, the man who mentioned multiple family suicides in the first few minutes of his lesson, and your working of my voice on the first bridge over and over to finally trick me out of my habit of a break there (to this date there is still no break there after that lesson with you).With deep affection,Lisa – Voice Teacher Liverpool, England and Atlanta, Georgia


“Dean, we are excited that we will have a chance to work with the best woice teacher of the World when you visit us again in Poland soon! Your coaching is absolutely the best.” – Sonia – voice teacher in Poland and President of NVP (Natural Voice Perfection)Thank you very much! I really enjoyed your lesson, and I think that you are a great teacher! And I didn´t just enjoy it, I felt a change in my voice just within that hour! Best wishes, Pablo (Munich, Germany)Dean,The years have passed and so much has changed. Time has moved forward but very few people I know have stayed the same. I know that I am only one of many who you have unknowingly changed their lives for the better.Watching you teach and talk at teachers conferences, working with you in private voice lessons, Mentoring me as I try to teach my first four students in front of a testing panel and being my sons hero is just the start.Thank you for being you. It is refreshing to see someone time after time and know that they are the same… real, true, honest and simple.Thank you again for all you have done for me and Marcus, He thinks that you are God. Actually, you might be! Jann – voice teacher and singer


Dear Dean, I hope that we will still be in touch. Honestly, you are my favorite voice teacher (no kidding! And I have worked with MANY). In my eyes, your knowledge, skills and way of teaching combine incredible strength and sensitivity at the same time … together with your straight forward and very kind personality, it is gold! And I greatly appreciate everything you have done for me and all I have learned from you so far. Stephanie – voice teacher – Germany


Dean, I’m sure you hear it a lot but of all the teachers I’ve ever worked with you are the most natural and intuitive I have ever met and I always get my best out of working with you, I really feel comfortable taking “risks” and pushing myself when I work with you and I feel like you help me to realize my full potential every single time we have a lesson. No other teacher has done this and between you and me I’ve worked with nearly all the teachers people say are the top in the world and none of them have come close to guiding my voice the way you have! Look forward to working with you for the rest of my singing life! Greg – Singer – Australia


Thanks a ton, Dean. One of the surprising things I felt today was that at the end of our lesson (a lesson during which I hit some pretty “tough” notes) my voice was more relaxed than at the beginning. You were very quick to help me understand the physical things I need to do in order to solve my pitch and support issues, and I thought that was great. I’ll get heads down on these exercises. David – SLC, Ut


Wow! Just finished doing these, and it rocks! I was a little afraid that the magic would be gone or something when I tried it at home, but having the recording helped a ton. This is great. Thanks! David – SLC, Ut


After I did the exercises last night I sang “Devil’s Gonna Fall” (one of the tunes on the upcoming record) with the new technique you taught me. I’m serious when I say I’ve never enjoyed singing so much! My voice felt so free! I had great pitch, support, even volume, but it was so easy, so effortless. Thanks again. I’m so into this! David – SLC, Ut Dear


Dean, I definitely want to study with you more, Dean. Teaching singing does not mean producing tones. It means opening souls and listening to other hearts. And this is what you teach.In my opinion you are the best voice teacher in the world. My very best from Graz! Truly, Agata – singing teacher in Graz, Austria


Dean, My husband and I would like to thank you for taking the time to schedule and give Kyle lessons while we were on vacation in Utah. The excitement you brought back to Kyle singing the high notes and the sound he gets after practicing your lessons is priceless. I wish you could feel the excitement Kyle has again, he tells everyone and posted on his twitter, “Dean Kaelin Rocks” You clearly are an answer to our prayers, singing has been Kyle’s passion in life, he sings while doing everything, but lately he was nervous about singing the high notes in fear of ruining his voice. Thank you for the recorded lessons, they have been great because we were able to put it on Kyle’s Ipod and he walks around practicing. Kyle says that he can’t wait to put what he has learned into a song. All My Best,Cheryl – Washington DC


Hello Dean!!You are amazing!!! I’m so impressed by your talent. I had many vocal lessons in my life but your lesson was the best. THANK U for your sincerity!!! Not every teacher would show the vocal tips as you did!! Now I feel inspired and full of energy cause thanks to you I discovered a part of my voice that I didn’t know about. I wish to see you as soon as possible!Thank you for everything!! HUGE Hugs,Gosia – a popular Polish pop singer


I want to express my deep appreciation for fitting Jonathon in today. You and your husbandhave been a gift to us. The lesson today was better than therapy. Jonathon had been strugglingand so frustrated and depressed. Everything Dean said today must have been inspired. Hewas so positive and helped fix the problem. Jonathon walked away feeling uplifted and like hecould once again face the world. I am hoping after South Pacific and his Mdt performance we cancome a few more times. Please thank Dean for treating jonathon with such respect and kindness.He really is beginning to realize his dreams in large part due to what he has learned from Dean.With much gratitude….Stephenie, mother of a student – South Jordan, Utah


“Dean combines a deep understanding of the human voice with a teaching style that is bothfriendly and challenging to achieve amazing results. He has my implicit trust with regards tomy voice and how to improve not just my vocal range but my vocal quality as well. I could notyou to a better voice teacher than Dean Kaelin.” Thomas – singer – Orem, Utah


Dean,I just wanted to send a personal note and let you know how much I appreciate all you did while you were here in Atlanta. How grateful I am that I have the opportunity to sit at the feet of (get ready this is going to sound dramatic) a truly Masterful Vocal Teacher! Dang you are so intelligent and yes, totally brilliant. I’m sorry but you just are!I’m amazed at what your hear, the way you approach the voice with such confidence and the finesse of a true artist… and with such joy. The joy part I’m especially thankful for as a teacher as well as a student. I think I liked my voice lesson as much as anything else I got to participate in. I left feeling…ok I can do anything! I am going to pack that example away and send it out to my students every time I meet with them. ”Leave them better than you found them” is what I see you do every time you meet someone. What a great characteristic that is.About 2 years ago I knew in my heart that this is what I truly wanted to do, besides raise a good family. It was then that I started to really put my “shoulder to the wheel.” It was then I also realized all that I was lacking and didn’t understand and I wanted to get it! I think I have been making myself crazy especially over the last few months with what I saw as my inadequacies. I’m not sure how you saw that in me. It was kind of shocking really. None the less, your words after my lesson were something I will take with me where ever I go. Thank you.I’m going to work my tail feathers off . Yes, I’ll bring every bit of wisdom you shared with all of us while here in Atlanta!You’re the Man!With sincere heart felt thanks, Keleen – voice teacher – Atlanta, Georgia


Dean, I just wanted you to know that each time I talk to someone about you and talk about your talent, I am re-amazed by you. Randy said that when you were working on his song, he had almost a spiritual experience, he was moved by it. You are inside your body and your brain so you don’t experience yourself in the same way we all do. I’m not sure that you see the extraordinary nature of yourself. I’m sure that folks tell you all the time how amazing you are, so please let me add my voice to that and also tell you that I think that God knew that only you would be able to take the gifts He was giving and use them in the way they were intended. You are extraordinary beyond your talents.


I have learned too poignantly of late, that if you want to tell someone something, don’t delay. You don’t know if you will have the opportunity again and then the chance may be lost. Just wanted you to know, thank you for you. Julia – singer and performance coach – SLC, Utah


You are absolutely amazing and what a privilege and honor to learn from such a master! Thank you! Sheron & Ken – parent – Lindon, Utah


Thank YOU so much!!! Just one lesson with you and it’s already making such a difference! Your an amazing instructor!! Angie – singer – SLC, UT


Dean, thanks for making time for me! I really learned and felt a lot physically during the lesson. I absolutely did not know I was pulling in the high notes- I am so used to the pulled feeling that it feels normal to me. I’ve been applying what you’ve taught me to my songs and saw great improvements, but I really have to concentrate on singing “out and down” to get into the right mix. I will practice whenever I can. Look forward to our next lesson. Thanks for putting hope back into me! I see my vocal potential now. Blessings, Rex – singer/teacher – Taiwan, China


Hey Dean, Just a quick email (you dont even have to respond) 🙂 to say thanks for being so awesome and helping me learn to sing less wrong. I have always wanted to sing Kenny Loggins “Danny’s Song”, but I’ve never had the range. I even remember trying to do it back in the late 80’s, but it was just too hard. I just picked up my guitar right now and tried it and guess what? I can do it! This is a big deal. Thanks to the “rock band” for pushing me so I’d get brave enough to ask for your help. Up next…Blue Bayou. Nancy – singer – SLC, Ut


Dean, I just wanted to drop you a note. Working in the voice and entertainment world with these egos is a whole new experience for me. Anyway, you are a breath of fresh air. You do things for the right reasons and I respect that. Thanks, Curt – physician – Utah


I was going to email you today! I can’t put it (your book – Teaching Good Singing) down! It is straight forward & clear & right on point. My enthusiasm for teaching has increased & I have taught Great lessons this week. It’s like you have brought me back to the basics that always work. I like consistency and feel in the last few years I have been confused with too many changes in how to ‘say things’ and ‘testing scripts’ that it’s just been overwhelming & felt kinda wrong what I was saying. I am clearing up a lot of things within me & this feels so good! Can’t Thank YOU enough for writing this. Mwaaah!, Maz – singer/teacher- Sydney, Australia


Dear Dean, First of all, thank you for writing “Teaching Good Singing”! For me, it is really my bible for singing and teaching singing now. I read it over and over again everyday. A lot of the things you mention in the book I have heard from my SLS teacher, but those information remained as bits and pieces delivered from the mouth of a voice teacher during lessons. For me, it was really hard to connect everything he said into a whole big picture, until I read this book. Your book is a modern version of Caesari’s “Voice of the Mind”. I am so thankful I have a copy of it. Thank you so much. God bless! Rex – Singer/Teacher – Taiwan, China


Hi Dean, I just wanted to send a quick note to say Thank You for all you have done for me! Thank you for all you do to help teachers teach better. It is so comforting to know that I have somewhere to turn when I have a question about singing. Your book has also been a huge help and resource in teaching as well. It is like having your brain in my studio and I can pick it whenever I need to. There are so many things I could thank you for, but we’ll start with those. I really do appreciate the work you do and the good you have done in making the world a better place one singer (and teacher) at a time. Aimee – singer/teacher – Kaysville, Ut


Thank you VERY MUCH, Mr. Dean. You are a very good teacher, probably the best one i’ve ever had. I had the opportunity to see you in Brasilia a couple of weeks ago, and you were amazing. I hope to learn more and more about being a teacher with IVTOM and you, sir. Kind regards, John – teacher- Florianopolis, Brazil


Dean, I have to say that I owe you the world. If it wasn’t for those years of studying with you, I would not have all the proper tools to do what I do now. Even on days that I’m not singing, I use the several hours worth of driving up to and around LA to do proper vocal warm ups; I know what to eat, what warm ups to do, what healthy and unhealthy singing AND speaking sound and feel like; I have good vocal habits in my everyday life; I know tricks for if I’m feeling under the weather; and I’m so in tune with my own instrument from years of singing that I can make the most of my own sounds and rhythms and know when to push myself and when to stop, etc. It’s amazing how many VO artists don’t have the faintest idea about any of that stuff. I’m extremely lucky. And no teacher that I worked with before or since you, was able to give me that many practical tools. Furthermore, I have to tell you that I have literally lived all over the country and never found anyone that comes remotely close to doing what you do as well as you do it. Seriously. When your girls and I were all in school together, I felt blessed and honored to have your family’s friendship and to be exposed to all of your incredible talent; but now that I’ve experienced the world, it’s no longer simply a feeling that you are the best. I have proof. You are the very best teacher, coach, musician, I’ve ever encountered. I have explored everywhere and found that no one holds a candle to you. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you for the amazing gifts that you’ve given me. Kristen – singer – L.A., CA

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